MycoNotes - A Series

By: Edson C Setliff

The purpose of “MycoNotes” is to share information and ideas developed throughout my career that otherwise would not see the light of day. In some ways, it is all about an older worker trying to tie up loose ends. After all, resigning from our paid positions doesn’t mean that we necessarily resign from contributing to science. Hopefully, “MycoNotes” will provide an expanded informational outlet.

The following series of ten MycoNotes provide details of white rot fungi in the Rigidoporus/ Junghuhnia group. All of these fungi are good wood recyclers and some are pathogens. Especially noteworthy is Rigidoporus microporus, the notorious cause of white root disease in rubber trees. Similarly, Junghuhnia vincta is an important root pathogen of commercially important woody plants such as tea, rubber, hoop pine and Mexican cypress among others.

Series 1

  1. Junghuhnia vincta var. vincta – a root pathogen Hevea in Mexico. 
  2. Pore surface coloration comparisons among Junghuhnia vincta basidiocarps and a newly discovered variety. 
  3. Discovery of Junghuhnia vincta var. cinera comb. nov as a root rot pathogen of trees in Tanzania.
  4. Rigidoporus albostygius (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Rajchenb – a touch of pink. 
  5. Junghuhnia vincta: a comparison with R. albostygius and generic considerations
  6. Is Rigidoporus albostygius a separate species from Poria endoxantha?
  7. An examination of J.R. Weir’s Amazonian collections of “Poria albostygia”  and “P. nigrescens” in the U.S. National Fungus Collection (BPI).
  8. Rigidoporus microporus (Sw.) Overeem – a ubiquitous white-rotter.       
  9. Gloeopleurous mammiform cystidia in Polyporus lignosus Kl. typus , ex Herb. Fr. 
  10. Rigidoporus crocatus (Pat.) Ryvarden in the boreal forests of Canada                                 

Additional written comments and perspectives from other workers will be welcomed and added as appropriate.  


Edson C. Setliff

June 11, 2023