2022 MSA Virtual Posters

2022 MSA Virtual Posters

Please take some time to review the virtual poster presentations! 


Biogeographical study of selected macro fungal taxa from Pakistan

Aman N, Khalid AN, Moncalvo JM


Eight new species of Laboulbeniales associated with bat flies in tropical America

Warre Van Caenegem, Aimee Blondelle, Brianna Santamaria, Iris Dumolein, Danny Haelewaters


Fire-dependent infection by Exobasidium ferrugineae on Lyonia fruiticosa in the Florida scrub

Elan Tran, Michelle Afkhami, Christopher A. Searcy, Matthew E. Smith, Laurel Kaminsky, Aaron S. David


Fungal diversity in deep-sea extreme ecosystems (hydrothermal vents and oxygen minimum zone) of the Southern Gulf of California, Mexico

Patricia Velez, Diana L. Salcedo, Laura Espinosa-Asuar, Jamie Gasca-Pineda, Abril Hernandez-Monroy, Luis A. Solo


Mycology for climate change, food, and inclusion: a case study on the importance of exposure to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of mycology

Adriana L. Romero-Olivares


Root endophyte of tropical Nyctaginaceae and Polygonaceae plants in central and southern Mexico

Raquel Aline M. Saint.Cyr Frías, Camille Truong, Rodolfo Salas-Lizana