2021 Spring Officer Election Biographies

2021 Spring Officer Election Biographies

Thank you for participating in the Mycological Society of America Officer Election process. We appreciate your taking the time to cast a vote for your Society officers!

Please click on the image of each nominee to read their full bio. 

The link to vote has been sent to all active Society members via email. 

If you are unable to view any of this information, please contact the Membership Coordinator, Cori VanGalder: msafungi@reesgroupinc.com

Vice President Candidates

Cathie Aime

Timothy James

Executive Vice President Candidate

Emily Cantonwine

Councilor, Ecology/Conservation Candidates

Tanya Cheeke

Todd Osmundson

Councilor, Systemics/Evolution Nominees

Alfredo Justo

Jessie Uehling

Councilor, Genetics/Cell Biology Nominees

Chris Hittinger

Antonis Rokas

Councilor of Symbiosis/Pathology Nominees

Teresa Pawlowska

Marisol Sánchez-García